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Don’t call me “Man of the forest” pleads Orangutan

An orangutan being studied by primatologist Professor Sandra Trent from the Steven's Institute has begun communicating complex messages using a new system of sign language pioneered by Professor Trent. The ape known as ‘Bobo’...

Broken down spacecraft drifts into really bad neighbourhood

A cigar shaped broken down interstellar spacecraft has unwittingly drifted into a really bad neighbourhood containing a planet populated by nasty dimwits. The tentacled commander of the craft, Admiral Fenton Dreamlake, said: "Our Hyperdrive...

Elon Musk: Flying in space is piss easy

Space genius Elon Musk here. People frequently ask me "Elon, you do Space X, Tesla, Solar City, Hyperloop and other ground breaking visionary projects. Just how do you do it?" And I usually tell...