Dave Grohl’s Toastie of the Week

Hi toastie fans. Rockin’ Dave Grohl here with my weekly take on our favourite food – toasted sandwiches. Here at Foo Fighter HQ we take band nutrition very seriously and when out on the road nothing packs a punch quite like a toastie. Whether I’m sound checking at Wembley Stadium or Madison Square Garden I always make sure a roadie is manning our trusty Breville Deep Fill in case the band gets famished and needs a pick me up that’s quick to make and truly scrumptious.

In the coming weeks I’ll be giving you a back stage pass to the toasted sandwich recipes that power a global rock juggernaut like Foo Fighters. This week though I want to concentrate on gear and why we choose the Breville Deep Fill over all others. We carry several of these when on the road, individually flight-cased for protection, and we just love them. As sturdy and reliable as a Marshall stack the Breville is the go to sandwich maker of many top tier bands. Why? It’s the ability to get a chunky well filled sandwich that’s well crimped at the edges so I can eat half, leave the other half resting on a monitor while continuing a sound check safe in the knowledge that it’s not leaking all over my gear. That kind of peace of mind is priceless and yet the Breville Deep Fill is surprisingly affordable. Our Deep Fill custom edition goes to 11 by the way. Haha, just kidding.

Next week I’ll give you one of the band’s favourite toastie recipes and guess what! It contains broccoli!!

Keep Toasting