Elon Musk’s ‘Electric Brexit Monorail Rocket Hyperloop Tunnel Train’ Launched

For those wanting a speedy, chic and environmentally friendly getaway from the UK, transportation genius Elon Musk has produced a technological tour de force that he claims “will offer the most luxurious Brexit experience imaginable.”

The Electric Brexit Monorail Rocket Hyperloop Tunnel Train, or EBMR-HTT will reach supersonic speeds while gliding smoothly along in an underground vacuum tunnel. The EBMR-HTT will depart daily from Bank Station in the City of London arriving in Zurich a mere 25 minutes later. When asked about the location of the train stations he replied:

“Yeah well it’s about 100 grand a ticket and those that can afford it will want to be close to their money in Switzerland. We live in uncertain times and to be honest it’s not really for the plebs. I’m afraid they’ll have to just hang around and eat rats and whatnot.”

“Speaking of eating, have you been to Rico’s on Seerstrasse? Do you even know where Zurich is?”