Facebook posts from ski slopes just there to mock your poverty

The deluge of Facebook posts showing friends skiing in exotic locations with their families are simply there to mock your poverty, it can be revealed. Nathan Bentley from Bromley said: “My old boss does this to me every year. He knows I’m skint but insists on inviting me to his summer BBQ so I can see his lovely house and missus and then just as winter is really starting to get to me I get a week of posts of him, her, and their privately educated sprogs in St. Moritz while I’m staring at a fucking massive gas bill and an almost permanent stalactite of snot growing under baby Jack’s nostrils. Seriously, it’s not on!”

He continued: “I think we’re going to have our usual winter staycation which brings with it the possibility of slaloming through the dog turds on the slopes of Crystal Palace Park followed by some apres ski in the nearest ‘spoons.

If he says ‘Oi Bentley, got a Bentley yet?’ one more time I swear to God I’ll fucking punch him”.