People of Earth issue statement: “We miss you George W. Bush!”

An open letter from the people of Earth published today has said simply: “We miss you George W. Bush.”  Earth person Gemma Hathaway from Bradford said, “We thought having George W. Bush as president was an absolute farce and a real political and intellectual low point, what with invasion of Iraq and the ensuing meltdown in the entire region followed quickly by the rise of ISIS, not to mention his ludicrous speeches. But all of this pales into insignificance if you read even a 24 hour slice of Trump’s vitriolic and childish twitter feed.”

She continued, “However, the unexpected side effect of having such a divisive figure in charge of the world’s largest superpower is that it has pretty much unified the entire planet and has made us collectively nostalgic for a simpler time with an even simpler president. Yes, we’d even tolerate having that awful Rumsfeld man back. Not that proto-Trump Cheney though.

“No, definitely not him.”