People reading wine bottles mostly looking for alcohol content

People in supermarkets who are reading wine bottles are mostly looking for the alcohol content, it has emerged. Brad Stewart, a Leeds based wine enthusiast, told us: “I like reading wine bottle labels when I’m out shopping. Morrisons do a good range of full bodied New World wines some of which go as high as 15% alcohol by volume. They usually deliver well on taste and I particularly love the way they get the right balance of tannin along with a delightful blackberry aftertaste which really lingers in the mouth.  If I have a couple of bottles of that on a Saturday night while watching Strictly I know I’ll be nicely bladdered thank you very much.” He added: “I’m not into pub culture per se but wouldn’t consider myself a wine snob either. Although I do despair at anyone who buys something tawdry like Lambrusco. At 5.5% I’d have to drink buckets of that pish to get a buzz on. Luckily the wife is preggers at the moment so anything I open I have to finish. Lovely jubbly!”