Peter Rabbit defies magistrate’s order to put trousers on

In the ongoing controversy surrounding Peter Rabbit today further allegations are emerging relating to his behaviour.  One Lake District resident described how, as she walked past the garden of Mr John McGregor, she found Mr. Rabbit wearing a short coat and nothing else. She said: “there he was just strutting around the place with his unmentionables hanging out for all the world to see. Obstreperous little so-and-so. It’s a disgrace. I know his mother and her heart is broken with the boy. The magistrate has ordered him to wear trousers but he just doesn’t care. There’s no respect among them young rabbits nowadays. They should bring back national service.”

Mr. Rabbit has been the subject of several anti-social behaviour orders for offences ranging from vegetable theft, being drunk in charge of a lawnmower and several counts of indecent exposure. If the allegations against Mr. Rabbit are proven to be true he could face up to 5 years in a young offender institution for being in breach of his ASBO. When asked for a comment Mr. Rabbit replied that he “couldn’t give a Jemima Puddleduck”.