Ringo Starr: What, I’m not already a Sir?


Ringo Starr has responded to the announcement that he is to be knighted by saying: “Gear! Wait. What? I’m not already a Sir? Macca got his ages ago so I just kind of assumed I already was like. Really though? You do know I was in The Beatles yeah and we were, and probably still are, the biggest band in the world. Let me see, Sergeant Pepper was…emmm….bloody hell 50 years ago and you’re only getting around to me now!

He continued: “Wait a sec, is the delay cos John returned his MBE? It is isn’t it. I knew he’d ruin it for the rest of us by doing that. He was always doing daft stuff like that was John, some fella though. So I get to meet Her Madge again. Cool! I hear she’s a pretty nice girl but doesn’t have a lot to say. Wait, that’s from something isn’t it?”