Teenager shocked to discover Adam Ant not a real highwayman

A teenager from Islington in London has been shocked to discover that Adam Ant is not a real highwayman but in fact a “singer from the olden days”. Stuart Hill, 16, submitted a history essay describing the crime of highway robbery in the mid 19th century and used the example of the “notorious  highwayman Adam Ant”. Hill went on to describe the highwayman’s modus operandi, which included: “painting a white stripe across the face, wearing dandy clothing, and dancing in a seductive manner with a couple of loaded pistols.”

Stuart’s history teacher, Martin Prentice said: “Stuart thought he was watching a short BBC 4 documentary containing original footage of a highwayman in action. I explained to him that he was actually watching a post-punk music video from the 1980’s from a band who enjoyed flamboyant clothing and make-up. I also explained that real highwaymen tended not to be quite so androgynous and dare I say it, gorgeous in appearance.”

When we asked Stuart for a comment he said: “Fair enough, it’s an easy mistake to make. He better give me an A+ for my essay on Captain Sensible’s impact on the Battle of the Somme though.”