Tom Conti released after Karadžić mix up

The actor Tom Conti has today been released from custody by an appeal court in The Hague after a “monstrous error”  led to him being jailed instead of notorious Bosnian Serb war criminal Radovan Karadžić. Standing on the steps of the International Criminal Court an emotional Mr. Conti said:

“When they first hired Radovan Karadžić to be my body double in the hugely successful and critically acclaimed movie ‘Shirley Valentine’ I had no idea that a genetic coincidence of impeccable hair and body shape would eventually lead to me being hunted down and jailed while doing my one man show of “De Profundis” in Belgrade, which by the way was very well received. I can only hope that with the promised cash settlement, the book deal and the guaranteed place on ‘I’m a celebrity…’ I can finally put this gross miscarriage of justice behind me.”

The hunt for Mr Karadžić continues amid rumours that he is brazenly rehearsing a stage adaptation of “Reuben, Reuben” in response to Mr Conti’s release. A recent tweet from @therealradovan said:

“#shirleyvalentine Pauline Collins shagging, that’s my back u see. Yeah I totally did. She loved it. #betterthanconti”