University Challenge: AI analysis suggests contestants are mostly weirdos

Google’s artificial intelligence project “Deep Mind” better known for teaching itself to play video games and beating the world’s best Go players has surprised researchers once again, it can be revealed. The computer system was fed decades of UK television programmes and came up with the startling conclusion that the contestants on quiz show “University Challenge” are mostly weirdos. Head of the Deep Mind project Professor Roger Tencent said: “This was quite an unexpected result. As an avid fan of the show I find I am now looking at it with my eyes wide open and you know what, I think Deep Mind is actually right. They really are a total bunch of weirdos. OK, occasionally you might get a little hottie on it and she usually makes the papers because of Paxman flirting with her, but otherwise it’s like the audition queue for an intellectual freak show, which in a sense of course it is”.

Professor Tencent added: “Wait, give me that mirror for a second! ….Agggggghhhhh!!! Damn you Deep Mind!”