Waterloo station in security lock-down after commuter smiles

There has been a security alert in London’s Waterloo station after a commuter was spotted smiling by a member of the public. The alarm was raised at 08.35 after a man was seen entering the Waterloo & City line platform “smiling like a Cheshire cat”. A statement issued by British Transport Police said: “A concerned member of the public alerted us during the morning rush hour to say that a man had been spotted with a suspicious smiling expression on his face in the vicinity of the Waterloo & City line platform. We immediately put the station lock-down plan into action and launched a manhunt for the person that we are referring to as ‘Smiling Man’. Unfortunately it seems SM slipped away by disguising himself with the dour, hopeless expression of a regular Waterloo & City line passenger and he continues to remain at large.”

A horrified witness Tweeted: “All lines closed at #waterloo due to a #smiler on the loose. #smilingman #thedrain #SM”

Police have urged the public not to approach the man who they have described as a “nondescript middle-aged white commuter guy with greying hair – you know the type – about 5 feet 9 inches tall, small belly, clearly unhinged.”