Colleague confuses flu jab with invincibility serum

A man who has been seen parading around the office after his flu jab is clearly confusing it with some kind of invincibility serum. Office manager Giles Walker of Croydon recently returned from his annual flu jab and immediately took to telling his colleagues of the amazing “panacea” that he had consumed.  A colleague who wishes to remain anonymous said: “He came up to my desk immediately after getting the injection and began speaking to me in a very peculiar manner, all evangelical like. He said, and I quote:

 ‘I am Sol Invictus, the unconquerable. No agent from without shall penetrate this invincible dermis, no agent from within shall mutate and reek civil war upon the plains of mine spleen.’

“When I asked him if he felt all right he simply continued:

‘Come bask before my salubrious beams of light and let the serum in my veins cure your heinous maladies, prevent wickedness and rid you of bad humours’.”

The colleague added: “I think he might have been having a bad reaction to the vaccine. I do recall that he’s allergic to eggs”.

Mr. Walker is now on extended sick leave but is said to be responding well to treatment.